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Shimano Di2

Battery status

To check the battery's charge simply hold down a shift button and look at the control box LED, solid green is 100%, blinking green is 50%, solid red is 25% and blinking red means your gear selection is about to be limited shortly.
If you do drain the standard battery you will have about 180 shifts on the rear after the front shifts stop working.
Charging time for the standard battery is approximately 90 minutes so you can get a good charge in while you get dressed for your ride.

Minor Shift Adjustment

To do minor adjustments which is also referred to as trim mode hold the button down on the LED control until the red light stays on. Tap the forward shift paddle for small advances of shift (when downshifting to bigger cogs), rearward shift paddle when retarding shift (when up shifting to smaller cogs) high and low grub screws provide traditional hard stop settings.


Shimano 10/11 delat


Bara nav från 2012 (Beyond Black or Falcon Grey 188 1)) går att konvertera om till 11 delat med en ny body.
Zipps 182 nav går inte! Det samam verkar gälla nav innan 2012.
Här kan kolla vilka Zipp nav du har!


Mavics 9/10 delade hjul byggdes lite vidare så dom klarar av 11 delade kassetter.2)

Kapa själv

Enligt källor 3) så ska det gå att svarva ner bodyn. Mängden som ska kapas är 1,85mm 4)

10 delad kasset på 11 delad body

Då behöver man en 1,85 mm distans /spacer.
Ex. cyclecomponents

Använda 11 campa kasset med shimano 10 delad hub

Sett på forum att Campa 11 delad kasset ska passa på en shimano 10 delad och fungera med 11 delade växlar.5)

Bygga ner en 11 delad kasset till 10delad

Här guide för göra om en 11 delad till 10delat.6) 7)

Take a shimano 11-speed cassette (11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23-25), drop out 1 cog and 1 spacer (the 16) to make a 10-speed cassette (11-12-13-14-15-17-19-21-23-25) with perfect 11-speed spacing. Mount this cassette on any 8/9/10 speed shimano compatible rear wheel with one standard (1mm thick) shimano cassette spacer behind it. Set up your 11-speed derailleur and shifters to just use 10 “clicks”. Now you're set.

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