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 +====== Shimano DI2 ======
 +=== Battery status ===
 +To check the battery'​s charge simply hold down a shift button and look at the control box LED, solid green is 100%, blinking green is 50%, solid red is 25% and blinking red means your gear selection is about to be limited shortly.\\
 +If you do drain the standard battery you will have about 180 shifts on the rear after the front shifts stop working.\\
 +Charging time for the standard battery is approximately 90 minutes so you can get a good charge in while you get dressed for your ride.
 +=== Minor Shift Adjustment ===
 +To do minor adjustments which is also referred to as trim mode hold the button down on the LED control until the red light stays on. Tap the forward shift paddle for small advances of shift (when downshifting to bigger cogs), rearward shift paddle when retarding shift (when up shifting to smaller cogs) high and low grub screws provide traditional hard stop settings.
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