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 ===== Inställningar ===== ===== Inställningar =====
 +Resetting the Device
 +If the device stops responding, you may need to reset it.
 +This does not erase any of your data or settings.
 +1 Hold "​powerbutton"​ for 15 seconds. The device turns off.
 +2 Hold "​powerbutton"​ for one second to turn on the device.
 +Clearing User Data
 +You can restore all of the device settings to the factory default values.
 +This deletes all user-entered information,​ but it does not delete your history.
 +1 Hold "​powerbutton"​.
 +2 Select Yes to turn off the device.
 +3 While holding "​downbutton"​ hold "​powerbutton"​ to turn on the device.
 +4 Select Yes.
 +Restoring All Default Settings
 +This deletes all user-entered information and activity history.
 +You can reset all settings back to the factory default values.
 +Select "​3dotbutton"​ > Settings > System > Restore Defaults > Yes.
 +Viewing Device Information
 +You can view the unit ID, software version, GPS version, and
 +software information.
 +Select "​3dotbutton"​ > Settings > System > About.
 ===== Data Sidor ===== ===== Data Sidor =====
 ==== Löpning ==== ==== Löpning ====
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